Welcome to Stout Farm, Honiton, Devon

Stout Farm

Stout Farm produces tasty and nutritious prime lamb while caring about wildlife, habitats, respecting the land and using natural resources responsibly.
Our sheep graze in the Otter Valley and in Honiton where the farm is situated within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The sheep graze in small, traditional paddocks and come in to the lambing shed to have their lambs in the early spring.
We believe that well cared for, relaxed flocks produce better meat that will be appreciated by the people who buy it. Also, maintaining the farmland as naturally as possible is better for the wildlife that live on it and for our family who work on it.

About us

Our family have lived in the West country for centuries. However, William is the first generation to farm in Devon. Wanting to farm for as long as he can remember, Will received his first seven breeding ewes as a Christmas present at the age of fourteen. Over the past five years through his sheer hard work and determination his flock has grown to 200 breeding ewes. These ewes are Pedigree Lleyns that have won prizes at several local agricultural shows. Will is now studying agriculture at Newcastle University, with a scholarship. taste-of-the-west-memberMeanwhile, William’s older brother; Henry, sisters; Beatrice and Alice, mum, dad and grandparents (and Kas the dog) all work together to keep the farm running during Will’s term time. Stout Farm are proud members of the Taste of the West

Our Shop

Fresh, local and seasonal meats, reared using sustainable methods. What better way to support British Farming?
We only sell what we farm. All our meat is reared and prepared for you locally in Honiton-traceability is key.
Please contact us if you have any particular preferences, we will be very happy to help.
Your order will be transported in a specially chilled WoolCool insulated box.
Our prices are as follows:
8kg Half lamb box= £75
Whole lamb box= £140
Lamb boxes include: Whole legs, shoulders, racks, chops, cutlets and breasts.

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