Welcome to Stout Farm’s online Shop

Delivery can be arranged and is free within a ten mile radius of the farm.
Alternatively you can visit the farm to collect it yourself and enjoy a visit to see the animals.

Beating the Supermarkets

We believe our price in comparison with the major supermarkets is competitive. Our half box comes out at £20.00 cheaper on average than purchasing the same cuts of meat from any of these large chains.

Freezer Space

We are frequently asked how much freezer space is needed for a lamb box? the answer is actually far less than you would expect. A half lamb will easily fit into one draw of an average upright freezer or one bucket of a chest freezer.

Sharing a Box is Common

If freezer space is limited then it is simple to share the box with family, friends, colleagues or even a neighbour. If you make the box purchase an exciting communal event then you can share on space and cost.


Payment can be made online using PayPal or collected on delivery – cash or cheque accepted.

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