The Lleyn sheep breed is a traditional native breed of the UK. It has the potential to be the ideal breed for modern agriculture and small holding. Lleyns are a smaller mature sized breed, therefore more ewes can be kept per acre and feed inputs while housed are reduced. The ewes scan at 100% in the first year and then onwards averaging at 200%. This combination is good for keeping lamb production competitive, as the ewes cost to keep is reduced while lamb production is increased.

Alongside these ideal traits comes their excellent natural mothering ability and hardy lambs. The ewes also cross well and can be utilised in commercial based systems. Stout Lleyns were established in 2010 beginning with ewes bought from Richard Turner (Flock 1097). I also bought my first ram from Richard, which produced lambs with fantastic conformation that matured quickly. Following this I purchased a ram privately from Flock 844 and Flock 150, this was a more traditional ram who produced very correct ewes. I decided I was ready to expand the flock and decided to purchase fifty ewe lambs coming from the Fort and Brightonhouse flocks (1656 and 1299). These ewes were very powerful and lambed easily in their first year, scanning at 114%. In 2015 I purchased a new stock ram (Augustus) from Richard Turner. I am looking forward to seeing what he can do and have high hopes for him. All of the stock is MV Accredited.

For more information on the flock and current availability of stock please give Will a call or email he will be very happy to advise you.

Email: Tel: 07805 913533

Pedigree Lleyn sheep